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There was a lack of evidence for specific age groups on managing ongoing symptomatic COVID‑19 or post‑COVID‑19 syndrome. Based on their clinical experience, the panel made a recommendation for older people who may be vulnerable to ensure that they receive additional care and support, if needed, that is tailored to the particular needs of this population.

For the November 2021 update, the panel agreed that the recommendation should be broadened to include other vulnerable groups who may also benefit from additional support, such as people with complex needs.

There was a lack of evidence on managing ongoing symptomatic COVID‑19 or post‑COVID‑19 syndrome in children. Based on their experience, the panel agreed that referral should be considered so that children can be supported to manage their symptoms early and recover quickly.


Consider additional support for people with ongoing symptomatic COVID‑19 or post‑COVID‑19 syndrome who may be vulnerable, for example, older people and people with complex needs. Additional support may include short‑term care packages, advance care planning and support with social isolation, loneliness and bereavement, if relevant.
Consider referral from four weeks for specialist advice for children with ongoing symptomatic COVID-19 or post-COVID-19 syndrome.
  The following content is derived from the Scottish Government's Implementation Support NoteExternal link
GPs should refer children and young people presenting with chronic fatigue to general paediatric services for initial investigation and management. Children and young people presenting with other suspected ‘Long COVID’ symptoms should be investigated as appropriate within primary care and where necessary be referred to specialist paediatric services as appropriate for investigation and management.


Full details of the evidence and the panel's discussion are in the evidence reviews on: